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Turn on/off Bubbles of multiple Grids/Levels

Switch Bubbles could show or hide multiple Grids/Levels’ bubbles according to a boundary defined by Grid, Level, Reference Plane or Detail Line. Advertisements

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Trim/Extend Grids and Levels

Trim and Extend tool doesn’t work with Grid and Level. Extent end of Grid and Level have two modes: 3d model extent mode and 2d view specific extent mode. It’s not easy to switch between two extent modes and drag … Continue reading

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New Version – 2015_07_05

Three new features are added: Move ReviTea Selection Panel On Ribbon Tabs Select Hidden Elements Unhide Elements Please visit Exchange Apps website to download:

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Move ReviTea Selection Panel on Ribbon Tabs

By Changing settings in the ReviTea.dll.config file, ReviTea Selection Panel could be moved to a specified ribbon tab. By default ReviTea Selection Panel locates on Add-Ins tab. ReviTea.dll.config could be found in: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ReviTea Select Tools.bundle\Contents\2015 You could change “[default]” to … Continue reading

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Unhide Elements

Unhide the selected elements in the view if they are hidden permanently. With ReviTea Select All Instances Hidden in View tool, you could select the hidden elements in the view. Unhide Elements tool of Revit is only available in Reveal … Continue reading

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