Select All Elements

You can select all elements visible in current view which satisfy certain requirements. It’s convenient to check the elements in the current view and modify them.

3D Models in View

All the 3D model elements visible in the current view are selected. 3D model elements mainly include elements whose categories are listed in Model Categories Tab of Visibility/Graphics dialog. The exceptions are:

  • Model Group and Assembly are selected but their members are not selected.
  • Split Face and Openings are selected.
  • Detail Items and Detail Lines are 2D elements. They are not selected.
  • Nested elements are not selected which are part of other Elements.

Nested relationship includes:

  • Members of Assembly.
  • Landing, Runs and other components of Stairs.
  • Top Rails and other components of Railing.
  • Nest shared families within other families.
  • Beams and braces in Beam System.
  • Beams and braces in Truss.
  • Components nested in Curtain Wall, Slope Glazing Roof or Curtain System, such as Curtain Panels,  Doors, Windows, Wall, Mullions and Curtain Grid.
  • Parts.

2D Belongs to View

In Revit some 2D elements belong to the view such as details and annotations. They only show in the view to which they belong. They will be deleted if the view is deleted. Some examples are:

  • All elements in Annotation tab in Ribbon are selected.
  • Detail Lines, Filled Regions, Mask Regions and Detail Components are selected.
  • View Reference and Plan Region are selected.
  • Grids, Levels and Reference Planes are not selected for they could show in several views.
  • Everything in sheet are selected.
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